The World is a Museum of Architecture.

Less is More

Simple service, simple interface and simple premise: we believe we live with buildings which have been public treasures of our cities. In an art museum we can easily find the basic information about art works, however we have noticed it is very difficult to find the information of architecture. We hope opuslist could be an open database to share the information of buildings , architects and philosophies of architecture.
At opuslist, anyone can upload the information (already widely shared informations, your comments of the buildings , pictures you took , etc) of architecture like any other websites and share the information of others. We beileve OPUSLIST could be the open database for the people who want to know the architectures around the World and for the architects who want to build good buildings for the people we live together.

for the Architects

At opuslist, we provide the space in which you can upload the your works, pictures, and informations. We hope the list you make could be your great list for your working history.

for the Museum Visitors

At opuslist, you can find the information of the building around you and the World. While you travel, opuslist could be a good guide-book of architecture. Also, you can share the comments and pictures you took with the people around the world.

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